You have a project in mind or a machine and do not know where to start? Talk to us, we are here to clarify any doubt!


We will study the project and the feasibility to propose the best solution and ensure that your vision will become immediately a reality!


Once presented our project feasibility of your idea, we decide on the choice of systems and the project start the construction!

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Strazza Srl

About Us

Strazza Ltd. is a company with many years of experience in the field of equipment for the aerospace and automotive casting.

What do we do

Our Company designs and manufactures mechanical equipment, work benche and automation systems for the metalworking sectors in general.

Why we do it

The passion for the design,the automation, mechanical and programming has led us to realize the dream of creating this company. And when we can solve the problems of our customers we consider ourselves more than satisfied.

Where we work

Strazza Srl was founded in Irpinia but works with customers coming from all over Italy. There are no impossible projects and our team of designers is always ready for new challenges.